The Most Reputable
Luxury Rehab Thailand

The Hills Rehab Thailand is an exclusive 20 bed inpatient treatment centre for a wide range of addiction and co-occurring issues with the aim to create a healthy mind and body located in the beautiful foothills of Northern Thailand.

The Most Reputable
Luxury Rehab

The Hills Rehab is an exclusive 20 bed inpatient treatment centre for a wide range of addiction and co-occurring issues with the aim to create a healthy mind and body located in the beautiful foothills of Northern Thailand.

The Most Reputable
Luxury Rehab

The Hills Rehab is an exclusive 20 bed inpatient treatment centre for a wide range of addiction and co-occurring issues with the aim to create a healthy mind and body located in the beautiful foothills of Northern Thailand.

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Our Concept

Travelling overseas to ‘the land of smiles’ for treatment allows clients to be far away from their triggers. The Hills boasts a separate onsite hospital with 24-hour nursing, private luxurious villas, delicious Thai and Western cuisine, individual and group therapy sessions, fitness, mindfulness and massage therapy, excursions and aftercare.
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The only treatment centre in Thailand with a separate onsite hospital with nursing support 24 hours a day.

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Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your privacy is safeguarded while you embark on your path to healing and transformation.

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Nestled amidst serene surroundings, our facility provides a peaceful sanctuary where you can escape the stresses of everyday life and focus on your recovery.

Our Space

Your space for rehabilitation.

The Hills prioritize creating an environment of tranquility and peacefulness to support your journey towards recovery.​


Discover comprehensive rehab services at The Hills Rehab. From addiction recovery to mental health support, we’re your partner in healing. Find hope, resilience, and wellness on your unique journey with us.



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Ae Ynt
Ae Ynt
I have recommended my friend to seek drug treatment and rehabilitation here. It took about 2 months and after he came out I immediately knew that my friend was living a happier life and had much better spirits. He was able to look at the world more positively than before. I feel glad for him.
Arina Lapsiriphon
Arina Lapsiriphon
What a good rehab in Thailand! Such a beautiful place. Luxury accommodation. Staff are so nice. They really take good care of my friend. Thanks a lot to the Hills Team!
Matthew A
Matthew A
Making a decision to go to inpatient treatment is a difficult one, many factors particular to the individuals case need to be considered carefully. I have personally heard many horror stories about the various treatment centres around Thailand and it is for that reason I was very protective and careful when considering the different options for my partner. After reviewing the options for her desperately needed treatment in Thailand, we decided on The Hills Rehab in Chiang Mai, even though we had access to other treatment centres in Phuket where we live. The decision was made easy as they have a trauma specialist and the fact they run a substance abuse and trauma treatment program in parallel. In addition to this we were very impressed by their world class facilities and qualified and professional team of specialists in each area of treatment. From psychiatrists to psychologists all the way through to all their holistic practitioners. We were especially impressed by Yuri Cardozo who is their trauma specialist and to whom we have the utmost trust and respect. My partner completed the program and has now returned home to continue working on her recovery. The positive changes and progress in her are inspirational and although she is only at the beginning of the road to recovery, she has a strong foundation in which to flourish. I would recommend The Hills Rehab to any family member or to anyone who needs help and is serious about recovering from whatever live challenges they are facing due to substance abuse or trauma.
mansi bhartiya
mansi bhartiya
The hills is a beautiful place and has a holistic approach to physical and mental detox . Calming , soothing and takes you back to yourself . The staff is the most helpful , Yumm food …and the therapists are amazing .
Nooschotika Manok
Nooschotika Manok
The Hills Rehab was definitely the best facility for treating mental health, especially Complex Trauma! I was looking for a safe place where I can process my traumas with an expert in this matter and I am so grateful that I was in the right place and with the right people. Many rehab advertise treatment for trauma or promote their psychologist to be “trauma expert” when they are actually not. Working with someone who has the title being clinical psychologist doing EMDR or being trauma informed is not enough, it requires expertise in this field and the real trauma expert are rare to find. I was very fortunate to meet and work through my traumas with Yuri Cardozo, she is definitely a qualified trauma expert and clinical psychologist. Even after leaving the treatment center, I will still work with Yuri because she makes a difference in my life. I’ve had difficulties to trust psychiatrist as I had bad experiences before being over medicated or being medicated with the wrong medication that did not serve me. Dr. Sutthipan is by far one of the most trustworthy psychiatrist I have ever meet, he is listening to his clients’ need and make sure to prescribe the needed medication treatment plan. He is very fair and accountable. The support staffs are amazing, they are friendly and make sure to check up on clients. The accommodation was very comfortable and at 5 star level. My bed was very soft, the room was big enough for me to have my space. I really felt home. Their hospital, amazing. I always fear hospital environment especially the room but their hospital just looked like another bedroom and the same comfort as the room. The cuisine, I enjoyed Chef Benz meal, his meal was delicious! I did not like Chef Nu’s cuisine, he was inconsistent. Overall, I would highly recommend this rehab. Thank you infinity to The Hills’ Team for taking care of me!
Dany B
Dany B
Best rehab!
andy bhatti
andy bhatti
The Hills Treatment Center is one of the best drug and alcohol treatment centres in the world. My name is Andy Bhatti and I’m a international drug and alcohol interventionist. I have worked with Dr.S for over 7 years. When Dr. S was the medical director at a different treatment facility. His team of medical staff , addiction therapists and trauma therapist are some of the best in the world. Dr.S approach to detoxing opiates users is the best in the world. With his blind methadone tapers , opiate addicts don’t feel sick or in discomfort, I have sent over 150 clients to Peter and Dr.S and have never had a issue with working with them. Most of my clients are still clean or have amazing new lives because of your company. I have clients who’s families have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to help their loved ones but the client couldn’t stay clean long term. Until they went to Thailand and worked closely with Dr. S and his team of professionals. I highly recommend this treatment center to any family seeking help for their loved ones. This facility is the nicest drug and alcohol treatment center in all of Thailand. They also have great food , nice swimming pools a great kickboxing team and an amazing gym. Thank you Dr.S , Peter and your team of professionals for opening the Hills Treatment Center. Sincerely Andy Bhatti C.C.A.C Drug and Alcohol Interventions Canada
Matavee Narukatpichai
Matavee Narukatpichai
The Hill is the most amazing rehab if you want to change your life. Not only is the property astonishing and very well maintained, the support staff takes Thai hospitality to the utmost level of care and attention to detail. I am lost for words. The program is very well designed for clients of all needs and specified and personalised for each client to guarantee the best result. I worked with Yuri Cardozo, a clinical psychologist and trauma expert. She has absolutely gotten to the route of my problems and transformed my life. Dr. Suttipan has gone over and beyond to fix my prescriptions which have made such a great difference to my overall mental health. The Hills cares for their clients to another level. I have never been taken care of in such an attentive way. They genuinely want to help you get better. I cannot recommend this rehab enough. I am so thankful.
Attapol Skulngarm
Attapol Skulngarm
สงบ อากาศดี

The only treatment centre in Thailand
with a separate onsite hospital.

Our hospital offers a medically supervised drug and alcohol detox at our fully licensed 10 bed onsite hospital, which is staffed by our medical team 24 hours a day with an emergency ward for any unforeseen medical emergencies.

Personal Room for clients. The Hills Rehab. Luxury Room.

5-Star Facilities

Five Stars.

The peaceful and serene environment has been specifically designed for healing with our client’s privacy in mind as the secluded mountainside location assures the comforts of 5-star resorts as well as anonymity and privacy, which we take very seriously.


   The only treatment centre in Thailand with a separate onsite hospital. We are able to offer clients medically supervised detox in the comfort of your own room with nursing support 24 hours a day. Detox is not required by each client and for those who need detox, your needs will be assessed by Thailand’s foremost expert on addiction – Dr Suttipan. The medical team will ensure you are as comfortable as possible while being pampered by Thai hospitality.

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Chiang Mai is world renowned for so many reasons. From its stunning hillside backdrop and diverse hill tribes, to northern food, exhilarating outdoor activities and rich culture.

You have most likely travelled from afar so it would be a shame not to experience what Chiang Mai has to offer, so we arrange an accompanied weekly excursion every Sunday.

Excursion Fields. Thailand. Excursion.
Temple Excursion. Excursion.
Waterfall. Waterfall Excursion. Excursion.

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