At The Hills Rehab, we take pride in providing a superior level of care for individuals seeking alcohol detoxification. Our programme is meticulously designed and implemented under the supervision of our highly qualified medical team, ensuring the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. With our fully licensed onsite hospital facility, we offer round-the-clock medical support, 24 hours a day, guaranteeing continuous monitoring and personalized care throughout the entire alcohol detoxification process.


The Hills:

Your Exclusive Destination for Detox with Onsite Hospital Facilities

The Hills is the only treatment centre in Thailand with a designated hospital onsite. Please be aware that other centres will be using outside hospitals for detox which can be stressful and costly.

Personal Room for clients. The Hills Rehab. Luxury Room.
Drinking Problem.

Experience the Perfect Blend of Medical Excellence and Thai Hospitality at The Hills.

Our high quality medical treatment is combined with world famous Thai hospitality to ensure clients are safe and comfortable. Your schedule will be tailored to your needs during the detox period and length of detox is going to vary for each client based on individual needs. Clients will be able to detox safely in a tranquil and serene environment with delicious and nutritious meals to support your body through the detox process.

The Hills offers detox and medical services overseen by Dr Suttipan, a renowned expert in the addiction field in Thailand. If you would like to know more about how The Hills detox will work for your specific situation, please get in touch with us.

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Are you in need of assistance on your journey to recovery? Contact us. We are here to help. At our reputable rehab center, we offer a complimentary consultation to provide guidance and support tailored to your specific needs.

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