Art Therapy : Art & Science

Art Therapy : Art & Science

Art Therapy : Art & Science Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that utilizes art as a means of assisting in the treatment and recovery of mental health issues. It involves engaging in various art activities such as drawing, painting, sculpting, or other creative endeavors to enhance emotional expression, promote self-discovery, and facilitate communication. […]

Happy Easter 2024: How To Avoid Triggers To Prevent Relapse

Easter 2024. Person stressed during Easter.

As Easter 2024 approaches, many of us are eagerly anticipating time spent with family and friends, indulging in delicious meals and festive celebrations. However, for those in recovery from alcohol or substance abuse, the holiday season can present unique challenges and triggers that may jeopardize their sobriety. In this blog post, we’ll explore practical tips […]

“Better Call Saul” and Its Depiction of Descent Through Lies

Better Call Saul.

Spoiler Warning: The following text contains spoilers for the TV show “Better Call Saul.” Proceed with caution. Introduction: Setting the Stage In the compelling television series “Better Call Saul,” viewers are thrust into the intricate world of Jimmy McGill, a struggling lawyer navigating the treacherous waters of Albuquerque’s legal landscape. As the series unfolds, we […]

Marijuana and alcohol, which are more dangerous, beneficial, and harmful ?

Marijuana and alcohol, which are more dangerous, beneficial, and harmful ?

Marijuana and alcohol, which are more dangerous, beneficial, and harmful ? Determining which substance, marijuana or alcohol, is more dangerous, beneficial, or harmful can be subjective and depends on various factors such as individual usage patterns, societal context, and cultural attitudes. However, here’s a comparison of their relative dangers, benefits, and harms: Marijuana vs Alcohol […]

Kate Middleton On Having A Really Strong Fight With Cancer!

Kate Middleton. Catherine.

A Royal Revelation: Facing Cancer with Grace The recent revelation by Princess Kate Middleton about her cancer diagnosis has cast a somber light on the royal family’s otherwise illustrious image. In her heartfelt statement, she shared her journey through the initial surgery, believing it to be for a non-cancerous condition, only to discover later that […]

Bipolar : symptoms, signs and treatment​


Bipolar : symptoms, signs and treatment Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition characterized by extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (mania or hypomania) and lows (depression). Here’s a breakdown of symptoms, signs and treatment options for bipolar disorder Bipolar Symptoms and Signs Manic Episode Elevated mood or irritability Increased energy and activity Decreased […]

Robert Downey Jr’s Mental Health Experiences and Advice

Robert Downey Jr's Mental Health Experiences and Advice

Robert Downey Jr. has indeed been quite open about his struggles with mental health, substance abuse, and his journey towards recovery. His story serves as a beacon of hope for many who may be facing similar challenges. Downey’s resilience and willingness to seek help highlight the importance of addressing mental health issues openly and seeking […]

Breaking Bad: The Greed Consumation of an Ordinary Life

Breaking Bad.

Introduction: Breaking Bad, the iconic TV series created by Vince Gilligan, captivated audiences worldwide with its gripping narrative of a high school chemistry teacher turned Methamphetamine manufacturer. As the show unfolds, viewers are thrust into a world where drugs dictate the course of people’s lives, leading to inevitable destruction. The Downward Spiral: At the heart […]

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and the Treatment for Them

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Find out what to expect when suddenly stopping alcohol intake and how to deal with these symptoms of alcohol withdrawal safely. Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome A person who cuts back on or stops drinking alcohol may experience a number of symptoms together referred to as “alcohol withdrawal syndrome” (AWS). These signs and symptoms show up when […]

RDR2 and It’s Powerful Depiction of Mental Health

RDR2. Red Dead Redemption 2.

Table of Contents Introduction: In the expansive world of video games, Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) stands out not only for its stunning visuals and gripping storyline but also for its nuanced portrayal of mental health. At the center of this narrative is Arthur Morgan, the game’s complex protagonist, whose struggles with mental health unfold […]

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