Social Media is Changing the World and Could Change Your Life

Social Media is Changing the World and Could Change Your Life​
Nowadays, social media platforms such as Facebook, Line, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and others are playing a crucial role in diverse communication systems. They allow us to connect widely without limitations on time, place, or device, bringing siblings, friends, and relatives together. Even those who previously disliked or didn’t know how to use smartphones have come to see the importance of these devices. It can be said that social media has stepped in and transformed the world of communication. However, if we do not become overly immersed in these benefits, we will see the dark side that most people may overlook. If you have to answer these questions, I believe many would answer “yes”:

Have you ever ?

  • Have you ever met people you have never met or seen before and become friends with them on social media?
  • Have you ever checked in when traveling, whether at home, work, or various tourist spots?
  • Have you ever shared statuses, photos, or videos publicly?
  • Have you ever shared your feelings, personal activity photos, work items, or belongings such as cars, watches, bags, etc.?
  • Have you ever received files shared by others or installed additional applications?
  • Have you ever added items from playing games on social media?
  • Have you ever expressed negative opinions about your organization to outsiders?

The answers to these questions may have security implications and affect the image of individuals and entire organizations.

You might accept a fraudster as a friend by accepting friend requests without thinking. These criminals use shared status information, feelings, personal activity photos, work, property, and various check-ins to link and analyze behavior related to preferences, status, property, addresses, travel routes, or time spent in different places to find ways to access personal belongings or to target you.

You might get a virus from receiving files and installing special applications created by scammers on both mobile phones and personal computers, including organization computers. You might receive numerous bills from credit card companies or mobile service providers due to genuinely purchasing special items from playing online games. You might be put on probation or even fired from your job for leaking business information, secrets, or expressing negative opinions about your organization to outsiders.

We can never know for sure when these bad things will happen. Therefore, to prevent such issues, it is essential to be cautious, think carefully, and use good judgment in engaging in various activities on social media, as outlined in the questions above. It is also advisable to study and understand the guidelines and regulations of your organization that employees must follow and understand privacy settings. Additionally, you should regularly change your social media access passwords.

For organizations at risk of security breaches and image damage from external individuals due to employees’ social media use, it is important to recognize that the online community is not different from the real world. It has good people, bad people, secret news, fake news, provocations, and corruption. Information dissemination is extensive and rapid, especially negative news, which can be difficult to resolve if it involves our organization. This has led many organizations to start developing social media policies for employees to follow to raise awareness of potential risks and to ensure the safe and happy use of social media.

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